Taking care of all your Chimney an Fireplace Needs

Serving all your chimney  and Fireplace needs

Chimney Sweeping

We offer Chimney sweeping for all models of fireplaces and stoves:

We start out with just a quick look around your fireplace and hearth when we get to your home. This is so we can best determine how to sweep the chimney. Then we place our drop cloths down to protect your furniture and carpets from staining and damage.

Chimney Caps by Oz has serviced nearly 900 clients and not one cleaning bill has been issued. We wear the following protection: shoes covers, gloves and a mask to keep ourselves out of harm. We then set up our specially equipped vacuum and brushes to start the process. Which usually takes about an hour depending on the extent of cleaning required. During the process we are looking for those construction defects such as, improper installation of pipes to weather damage. or other problems that may need attention. 

Our prices can vary from $100 - $175 for your basic cleaning. 

Inquire for further information on specific billing prices.

Chimney Caps by Oz LLC
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