Taking care of all your Chimney an Fireplace Needs

Serving all your chimney  and Fireplace needs

Chimney Repairs

We see a lot of poor construction methods used that either put your family or home at risk from mold, animals, and water.

Masonry chimneys are prone to cracks that allow water in which eventually causes the chimney to become unsafe and unusable. Often easily corrected with a simple brush on application,and a cap

Pre fabricated fireplaces are a use a metal wall pipe for the flue, usually enclosed in a wood chase. Then covered with a pan and surrounded by a wind shroud. This will often leak when the finish or coating deteriates. Typically lasting from 15-20 yrs. The first sign  is rust, followed by a possible water leak. This is also an easy fix.

With a yearly inspection you could save not only you life but costly repairs to your home. Inspections start out at $50

Chimney Caps By Oz LLC
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